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The Society for Contamination Control, a registered charity number SC018327, was formed in April 1986 and serves the UK, providing a forum for those who share a common interest in the provision of clean manufacturing, clear air, and product cleanliness in cleanroom and controlled environments.

We provide training in various disciplines: cleanroom design, cleanroom validation & testing, in-situ HEPA filter (DOP) testing, quality assurance and particle counting for our members at competitive prices and can deliver bespoke on-site courses We also run contamination-control related online sessions to our members throughout the year for free.

We participate, where appropriate, in the drawing up and monitoring of standards and guidelines about contamination control and are a member of the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS)

The Society is proud to work with relevant authorities, universities, technical colleges, technical and professional associations, research institutions, the NHS, and companies in the life science, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, micro electronics and nuclear sectors

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