Cleanroom Behaviour


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All our courses continue to evolve as standards and best practice change, and as we get feeedback from previous delegates. A general outline of the curriculum for the day wil include….

  • Cleanroom Design & Classifications
  • Type of Cleanroom suited to applications?
  • Process versus People versus Material versus Waste Flows
  • Wet/Hazardous Waste
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Run Down versus Occupancy?
  • 100% Fresh Air versus Recycled
  • Cleanroom Garments & Gowning Techniques
  • Sanitisation Techniques
  • Equipment Considerations -Equipment Compatibility
  • Material of Construction
  • Positioning
  • Services
  • Outputs & Inputs
  • Case Study
  • Competency
  • Q&A

This will be an in-depth training course with an “open book” style exam.  Greater than 90% must be achieved to be awarded a Pass Certificate.  Any delegate not sitting the exam or not meeting the required standard will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

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Working in a cleanroom can be a challenging task if you are not aware of the consequences of incorrect procedures and processes. Typically, processes ‘drift’ over time, as experienced operators either become complacent / move on and / or are promoted off the shop floor, being replaced by less experienced individuals who have not had the same level of training or instruction. This course is designed to give a fundamental understanding of the controls around different classifications of cleanrooms, the requirements of maintaining the cleanliness of a cleanroom, how to operate equipment and the importance of individual behaviour. The focus is on ISO Class 5 (or better) environments, but the course also discuses parameters to consider in ISO Class 7 or above facility.

Instructor – Tom Hyland

Tom has been working in the medical device manufacturing and collagen processing field since 1981 and graduated in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering with Honours. Tom spent much of his early career with Johnston & Johnston and rose to Senior Operations, before working at SMT level for a number of pharmaceutical companies including Microsulis, Life Technologies and a Directorship at Collagen Solutions. He set up his consultancy, Hyland Enterprises, in 2011, where he has overseen projects in the UK, US and Australia.

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