In-Situ DOP Testing of HEPA Filters

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All our courses continue to evolve as standards and best practice change, and as we get feeedback from previous delegates. A general outline of the curriculum for the day wil include….

  • Standards
  • HEPA filters
  • Aerosol Photometers
  • Aerosol Generators
  • Filter Testing Method
  • Practical

This will be an in-depth training course with an “open book” style exam.  Greater than 90% must be achieved to be awarded a Pass Certificate.  Any delegate not sitting the exam or not meeting the required standard will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.


This course is designed for anyone involved with in-situ testing of HEPA filters using the Dispersed Oil Particle (DOP) method. It is also useful for facility managers, quality personnel, or anyone who is involved in witnessing or signing off DOP testing undertaken by third party contractors. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are commonly used in cleanrooms, isolators, safety cabinets or uni-directional “laminar” flow cabinets in pharmaceutical and other life science facilities. They are also commonly used in HVAC systems in the nuclear and asbestos removal industries. Whilst the filters themselves are usually thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, an in-situ test must be carried out any new system, to test the overall integrity of that system, and on a routine basis thereafter.

Instructor – Ian Stewart

Ian is the Clean Air Department Manager at H&V Commissioning Services Ltd. H&V offer a complete HVAC service including commissioning of air and water systems, water treatment, critical ventilation verification, cleanroom validation, fire damper drop testing, LEV survey and MSC service & maintenance. Ian has been in the cleanroom industry for over 28 years and has picked up a wealth of experience in both new build and existing projects. He has been on the committee for over 10 years as Treasurer, as well as course designer and practical instructor in training to large businesses, including power stations.


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