The Building Blocks of a Cleanroom Garment Process


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Selection of your garment system

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Selection of your supplier

Disposable Products
Reusable Garment Service



Creating appropriate standard operating procedures


This 3-hour course is aimed at those who are involved with all aspects of a company’s Cleanroom garment program. It will enable personnel to run their own cleanroom programme, make decisions on which laundry contacts are best for business and whether to rent or own cleanroom garments. It will explain the whole process so you will no longer be baffled by salesperson speak and will be armed with questions you should ask.

Instructor – Nigel Slater, CEO, CMSupply Ltd

Nigel has worked in the Cleanroom industry for over 30 years. Aside from developing an extensive knowledge of garment design, construction and fabrics he has also been involved in specific projects for major multinational companies.

He has also worked with a number of Cleanroom laundries in Europe due to his expertise in Cleanroom garment processing – including working practices, contract pitfalls and quality control management.

Nigel has presented Papers and Tutorials at Cleanrooms East (USA), Cleanrooms Europa (Holland), Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms (UK), Nordic R3 (Scandinavia), 3C’s (UK), S2C2 (UK) and has written articles for various journals. He is currently working on projects with customers in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium and Germany and the Far East. The companies involved in these projects are primarily in the Pharmaceutical, Micro Electronic and Food sectors.

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