Webinar: Digitisation of Environmental Monitoring to meet Annex 1 CCS and Pharma 4.0


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Thursday 18 April 2024

In this webinar the attendees will learn about the Contamination Control Strategy and how to implement a robust one for Environmental Monitoring.

Topics covered

  • What monitoring technologies will allow a full continuous monitoring system that includes microbial monitoring? We will review existing and new technologies.
  • What are the advantages in going digital and how do you monitor continuously?
  • What alarm strategy do we implement and what is Pharma 4.0? How do we use AI and what will the future cleanrooms look like?

This webinar will provide answers to these and will enable the user to understand CCS and how to digitalize EM data.


Instructor – Jason Kelly, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Jason is Director of Applications at Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions and he is based in Oregon, USA. He Has over 28 years of experience in providing Environmental and Particle Monitoring Solutions to the Cleanroom Industry. He specializes in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Life Science, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Military Cleanroom applications.

Jason presents worldwide on current cGMP and Environmental Monitoring Systems from risk management, system design, GAMP protocols, system installation, validation, customer training and system service support. He has many technical webinars and papers available online about Environmental Monitoring in Cleanrooms.


1hr including Q&A



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